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Hi I am Neha, originally from India, now living in the Silicon Valley with my husband and two young children - a boy and a girl. I love spending time with my family. My hobbies include reading fiction/non-fiction books, writing and reciting poetry in English and Hindi, spending time in nature camping, picnicing, strolling and tinkering with new vegan recipes in the kitchen. Recently I picked up playing piano and recording a podcast - Gudgudi with my toddler son, Josh.

Professionally I work at LinkedIn as an Engineering Manager for the Premium team. My team builds analytics and outreach products for Premium members. I coach engineers to help them realize their full potential and build high performing teams. I mentor individuals and #WomenInTech in the software industry. I am also the creator of PiMothers, a blog featuring stories of #MothersInTech highlighting their struggles, achievements and aspirations.


Random musings about life, purpose, actions...

threaded in words that sound like confessions...

I write what comes to me from depths of my soul

When I am sitting idle or working deep in a hole

Thoughts are my own, inspired by everything around me

Medium of transcription could be English or Hindi

Sometimes I rap these words out loud

And post those on SoundCloud

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Random musings about life, purpose, actions; threaded in words that sound like confessions... #poetry


Creator of @PiMothers, Gudgudi podcast | Occasional poet and musician @space warrior | https://www.nehaja.in